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They Want a Home With All the Toppings

Sometimes finding the perfect home, or the perfect love, is a long and windy journey.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Newlyweds Matt and Camille didn’t date long before they knew they wanted to get married.  Nor did they shop for long before finding their new forever home.   They are people who know what they want.  Wow.

When Matt and Camille made a Friday afternoon appointment to see a first home in Grafton, they liked the pictures of the nice shiny kitchen.  They liked the tasteful decorating and the reasonable price.  But that antique home sat on a busy street with trains behind.  The fish-eye photographs had made the rooms seem larger, and the home was in need of serious exterior work and included a falling down garage that wasn’t even safe to put a car.  So, while they mentally toyed with this home in their minds, it was not exactly the right home for them.

They talked about finding that starter home that they would one day sell when they needed more space.  They talked a bit about their home search strategy…kinda all over MetroWest.  They talked about their jobs and commutes.  They talked about their budget and wish list….maybe a garage, basement space to finish, and maybe some outdoor space.

And, in all that talking, well, it was suggested that maybe a home just “back on the market” might be something worth their time to see.  Matt and Camille still had some time free on that afternoon to check it out.  And it turns out, this home was sitting vacant, about 7 miles away, and a deal had just fallen through.  The owners needed to sell quickly.  If it was a good house for Matt and Camille, it would be a bargain.  In this crazy summer market, a market with no bargains, here was maybe….a bargain.

So instead of a 1920’s antique home on a busy street, they found themselves on a quiet, stately neighborhood street of homes built in the 1990’s, with woods behind instead of trains.  And instead of a 1700 sq ft home on a .38 acre lot, they found themselves in a 2100 sq ft home on a 1+ acre lot…with a fireplace, a screened in porch, room for a man cave basement and even a huge 2-car garage.  And they found themselves with an opportunity….to jump “all in” and skip that “starter home”, at a “top of their budget price” and get a “steal” of a home.  And they did.

They agreed on a price and they agreed no bargaining on a house that was already a bargain.  So, the home inspection would still be to buyer satisfaction, and give them a chance to walk away if they wished.  But the Seller was not going to fix anything or adjust the price for issues.  But the home inspection’s suggested home repairs and maintenance issues were all do-able, as so they decided “Yes.”

So, sometimes finding a home is like a 5-course meal that takes time to organize, prepare, eat and clean up.  And sometimes, as fast as a chef can throw a pizza, you can have a home with all the toppings.  You just need to be Matt and Camillie…people who know what they want!

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