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Sometimes finding the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, takes longer than you want.  And when it all falls into place, you understand that the waiting was all for the best.

Teta, Daniel, their young son and Teta’s mom shared a small apartment in Worcester.  It was time to find a house and stop renting.  They started looking for a new home back in February.  It’s hard to believe that Closing Day is finally here at the end of June!  Teta told me early on, she wanted an agent with lots of patience to work with, because they didn’t want to be rushed into buying the wrong thing!  Little did she know that she and Daniel needed lots of patience too!

February is not a fun time to be looking at houses.  It’s mostly cold snow or raw rain.  But, they looked and looked and looked at houses that were good…but not just right.  Almost every weekend, patiently looking at houses to find “the one”.  Going to Open Houses and driving by homes to narrow the lists.  Teta found houses online.  Patiently she texted address after address.  In the crazy hot spring market, she learned that many of them already were under agreement.  Finally, we talked about a house around the corner.

This For Sale By Owner (FSBO) had everything that they wanted.  It had been on and off the market over the past few years.  Difficult negotiations, so Daniel and Teta and patiently looking at other houses on the market.  But, after three (!) Offers to this FSBO, they finally they had this sweet home under contract.  They patiently get all their approvals from the Lender and are all ready to go…. But, alas, the road home is not always a straight path.  Moving and packing and getting ready to leave a home is a huge challenge for any Seller…and the timeline for closing was coming too fast.  Lots more negotiations later, and Daniel and Teta were reimbursed by the FSBO for their out of pocket costs and sadly move on to look at other homes.  Again.

But while they are busy looking at houses, good friends of theirs decide to put their home on the market!  When Teta finds the listing, she gets very excited.   When Daniel realizes that his good friend is the Seller, he gets very excited.  They rush to the house to see the inside.  “We found a house.  We found a house,” they breathlessly holler into the phone!  Wow!  The Agents are surprised at how fast the Buyer and the Seller resolve all their issues.

The usual paperwork, a home inspection and finally, Daniel and Teta have a real closing date and a wonderful house to look forward to.  That is, if we could just get the crazy paperwork to behave!   So they patiently (sort of) work through crazy paperwork issues of fake mortgages and mistakes in insurance documents.

And bit by bit, patiently, the pieces fall into place, until all they need to do is show up for Closing Day!  So lots of patience (and many prayers) they finally have a wonderful house to call HOME.


As a special focus, Lassen Realty has significant expertise in assisting sellers and buyers with sales of condominium properties.

Liz enjoys complex transactions and has handled numerous condo sales, understands our local Grafton, Hopkinton and Westboro condo markets, and appreciates the extra steps involved in the marketing, mortgage financing and evaluating of condominiums (including such items as financial packages, association bylaws and special assessments).

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