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Dezi’s New Home

Grafton Real Estate AgentDezi won’t remember living anyplace else.  To him, from his earliest memories, his house will simply be home.  The walls that saw the emotion and drama of his growing up.  The place that has his stuff.  The landscape that will help define him.  And one day, it is probably the place that he leaves to find his own path.

He will never believe that his kitchen or upstairs bedrooms had any other floorplan.  (Thank goodness!)  Maybe he will remember when the side addition was built, or when the basement was fixed up.  Maybe.

As long as he will know, dad always had a room off the back of the garage for his home gym.  Mom always had a home office.  He will think that the side entry has always been a mudroom/storage area … and maybe with some good hiding spots.

In Dezi’s world, the woods and stream behind his house is a whole adventure.  Sometimes he will be able to see deer or a family of wild turkeys back there.  Perhaps, he will see a red-tailed hawk circling high.  Maybe he will find minnows or crayfish in the water.  The trees will be his jungle.  The sticks and rocks can built a fort.

His yard will be a great spot to play.  He will remember family dinners on the back deck.  The front drive way for his toy car and maybe some basketball.  The flat side yard, of course, neighborhood kickball games.

Maybe he will sort of remember when he learned to ride a bike without training wheels, but he won’t remember when he learned to ice skate.  To Dezi, it will seem as if he has been going to the pond across the street forever.  He will spend hours and hours there.  He will make friends with everyone there.  He already knows all the neighbor’s cars on his dead-end street.  And, it all just makes his sense of community and belonging that much stronger.

And when mom and dad take Dezi down to New Jersey one day, to see where they grew up, down quiet windy roads.  He will see peaceful wooded areas and some wildlife.  And, he won’t know exactly why, but it will feel like home to him too.


As a special focus, Lassen Realty has significant expertise in assisting sellers and buyers with sales of condominium properties.

Liz enjoys complex transactions and has handled numerous condo sales, understands our local Grafton, Hopkinton and Westboro condo markets, and appreciates the extra steps involved in the marketing, mortgage financing and evaluating of condominiums (including such items as financial packages, association bylaws and special assessments).

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