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Category: Client Reflections

Real estate stories, adventures and lessons from Lassen Realty clients.

Trading a Walk Up for Sidewalks!

Before baby Leo was born, Maryleah and Brian lived in a 4 story walk-up in Boston’s North End. They loved the energy of the city and especially loved being able to walk to enjoy their favorite stuff. But carrying Leo, and all the gear that goes with a baby, and a soon to be bigger, squirmier and […]

Move On

After 12 good years renting a townhouse, Amy & Fred decided that it was time to move on. Well actually, their landlord decided that he wanted to sell. And so they decided that it was time to move on too. And this very sweet little townhouse sold as fast as you could say “break a […]

They Want a Home With All the Toppings

Sometimes finding the perfect home, or the perfect love, is a long and windy journey.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Newlyweds Matt and Camille didn’t date long before they knew they wanted to get married.  Nor did they shop for long before finding their new forever home.   They are people who know what they want.  Wow. When […]


Sometimes finding the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, takes longer than you want.  And when it all falls into place, you understand that the waiting was all for the best. Teta, Daniel, their young son and Teta’s mom shared a small apartment in Worcester.  It was time to find a […]

The Long Way Home

It has been a long, winding, way home for Barb and Rodolfo. First they considered moving to a condo because upfront costs are less. Then they considered single family homes because they wanted to avoid a condo fee. Then they considered bank owned, multifamily, city homes and out-of-the way homes. Along the way, they have […]

No Surprises!

Abhiram and his beautiful wife decided that it was time to find a home, to put down roots, and build an investment.  They began looking in Grafton at condos but they were very sensitive to the high condo fees that came with many of these developments. “I don’t waste time.”  “I don’t like surprises.”  And, […]

Time Enough for …. Home

Kent & Reshma started their search in April looking at new construction in a small Grafton, MA condo complex.  Now, in October, they are ready to close on a single family home close to Doctor Reshma’s new position in a Rhode Island hospital, and hopefully not a too grueling commute for Kent to Waltham.  There […]


As a special focus, Lassen Realty has significant expertise in assisting sellers and buyers with sales of condominium properties.

Liz enjoys complex transactions and has handled numerous condo sales, understands our local Grafton, Hopkinton and Westboro condo markets, and appreciates the extra steps involved in the marketing, mortgage financing and evaluating of condominiums (including such items as financial packages, association bylaws and special assessments).

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