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Move On

After 12 good years renting a townhouse, Amy & Fred decided that it was time to move on. Well actually, their landlord decided that he wanted to sell. And so they decided that it was time to move on too. And this very sweet little townhouse sold as fast as you could say “break a […]


A New “Favorite Street”

Now mid June.  Hard to believe that this journey home started in the way back of November. November.  Who can forget the bizarre negotiation for the home on the great lot, with the awful kitchen?  Sure, you had a newly renovated kitchen in a great neighborhood, but you were both ready to jump in for […]


Dezi’s New Home

Dezi won’t remember living anyplace else.  To him, from his earliest memories, his house will simply be home.  The walls that saw the emotion and drama of his growing up.  The place that has his stuff.  The landscape that will help define him.  And one day, it is probably the place that he leaves to […]


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