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They Want a Home With All the Toppings

Sometimes finding the perfect home, or the perfect love, is a long and windy journey.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Newlyweds Matt and Camille didn’t date long before they knew they wanted to get married.  Nor did they shop for long before finding their new forever home.   They are people who know what they want.  Wow. When […]


We Will Know It…. When We See It!

Working with Elisabeth and Dave, well it was like speed dating for house hunting.   They said, “We will know if the first few seconds if it is the right home or not.”   And, yes….they did. It started with a question in March.  “What about this house in Westboro?  Is it private?”  And, sending the first […]



Sometimes finding the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, takes longer than you want.  And when it all falls into place, you understand that the waiting was all for the best. Teta, Daniel, their young son and Teta’s mom shared a small apartment in Worcester.  It was time to find a […]


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